Your Street May Be Closing the Week of June 22 for Road Work

June 3, 2015

Roads in the following subdivisions are having a pavement preservation treatment installed that will help to significantly extend the life of the asphalt streets. Click on the street name to view the overlay map. Due to the rain on June 8, the project has been delayed until the week of June 22, 2015. Morgan Blvd. […]

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What NOT to Flush

March 18, 2020

All residents are urged to only flush toilet paper down toilets! Paper towels, tissues, napkins, and many flushable wipes are not biodegradable and can wreak havoc on the sewer system in your home. This problem can then be perpetuated into community pipes, pumps, and treatment plants. Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate quickly in water. […]

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Dog Licenses

The City of Cedar Hills appreciates responsible pet owners! We depend on pet owners to keep their dogs properly vaccinated and licensed. Licensing for cats is currently not necessary. Dogs may be licensed at two locations and can also be done ON-LINE!  To license on-line, click this link. Cedar Hills City Office 10246 N Canyon […]

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Refinance of Utility Bond

On October 29, 2014, the City of Cedar Hills refinanced its 2006 Utility Revenue Bond to reduce the interest rate from 4.52% to 2.68%. This will amount to a total net present value savings of approximately $402,000 over the life of the loan, with actual cash savings being approximately $496,000. Through financial advisors Lewis, Young, […]

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Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

June 7, 2019

Do you have left over paint, medications, car batteries or electronics and don’t know where to dispose of them? DO NOT throw them in your regular garbage can! If you missed the collection day, you still have several options for disposing of household hazardous waste in Utah County. Click the link to find out what […]

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New Summer BOOTCAMPS Offered

May 21, 2014

August: BACK TO SCHOOL BOOTCAMP at 6:30am MWF! Let’s send off summer with a bang!  Keep up your momentum and get out of the house! Indoor/outdoor workouts. This bootcamp finishes each morning in time to get the kids off to school. The link and all info you need is located here:

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Cedar Hills provides and maintains all of the existing sewer lines within the city. Wastewater treatment is provided through the Timpanogos Special Service District (TSSD) in conjunction with all the other communities in the northern portion of Utah County. Currently, sewer services are provided to almost all portions of Cedar Hills, with the exception of […]

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Topics: “Volunteering” & “The Future of the Golf Course”

The format for the Council Corner will change with the New Year. Instead of having a monthly article, each member of the council will have the opportunity to provide a link to their council blog, where they can share city-related information with residents. We hope this new method will increase communication and will provide a […]

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LPHS Preschool

May 7, 2020

Students at Lone Peak High School run a bonafide community preschool. Rolling out play-dough, writing letters in shaving cream, dancing to Baby Shark and cozying up to a great book are some of what community children enjoy at Camelot Kids Preschool.   Tuition: $65/month with some discount options (Registration fee $50) Location: Lone Peak High School […]

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Animal Control

Nuisance Animals An ordinance defining Nuisance Animals and providing for enforcement of violations (incessant barking, dogs running at large, etc.) regarding Nuisance Animals. (Within the City Code (off-site link) see Title 5: Public Safety and Traffic Regulations; Chapter 1: Animal Control.) If you encounter a nuisance animal or an animal at large, please call the American Fork Animal Control Officer […]

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