Recent News

Residential Asphalt Work Begins

The city is scheduled to have Holbrook Asphalt Co. complete asphalt street work during July. Please refer to the accompanying map for the specified dates and areas of work. Residents being affected will receive a door notice prior to the commencing of the work. Project contact at Holbrook is 435-652-4427.

Water Service Interruptions on Canyon Road Week of July 16

Please note that there will be temporary culinary water interruptions the week of July 16 for some of the residents on Canyon Road.

The World of Recycling Is Changing

If a load of recycling contains non-recyclables – even by just a fraction – that entire load risks not being recycled. That’s according to new guidelines being enforced by China, a major importer of recyclable materials that are created in the U.S. Why does it matter?

DUP Pioneer Day Celebration

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) are hosting a Pioneer Day Celebration on July 24 from 1-5 pm at Robinson Park in American Fork. This is a fun-filled event for the entire family, with 22 stations of activities, music, and tidbits of community history for children and adults.

Fireworks & Open Fire Restrictions - 2018

With the fireworks season upon us, the city declares its support for the efforts of the Lone Peak Fire Department to limit fire risk in our community by adopting an Ordinance, which outlines the following restrictions:

  • Fireworks: All aerial and non-stationary fireworks, i.e. ground flower types, are prohibited inside and within 200 feet of the highlighted areas of the accompanying map and within 200 feet of any undeveloped lot. Additionally, ALL fireworks and aerials are prohibited in city parks, the golf course, and all other city-owned properties.
  • Open Fires: All open fires east of Canyon Road within city limits are prohibited, unless a screen is used.

Low Water Pressure? Maybe It’s Your Filter!

Clogged pressurized irrigation filterSprinkler performance may be adversely affected by a clogged or partially clogged filter in your irrigation system. The city does not filter the secondary water from its delivery sources, so from season to season the amount of particulates in the water may vary.

LEGO Summer Camp - August 6-10

Kids are naturally gifted creators, and while they dive into massive collections of LEGO to build elaborate objects, they explore fundamental principles of engineering and physics. They also learn to collaborate and create without fear of mistakes. The overall experience is joyful; the impact longlasting.

Sunset Farmers Markets at Heritage Park

City officials and staff are happy to announce that a farmers market was recently approved to be held this summer in Cedar Hills! Sunset Farmers Markets will bring farmers, food artisans, and small businesses together in our community for the enjoyment of all.

Extensive Pavement Replacement on Canyon Road

North Canyon Road is undergoing extensive pavement replacement for the entire length of the roadway from State Street in Pleasant Grove to SR-92 at the mouth of American Fork Canyon in Cedar Hills.